Millet is known for his oil paintings of landscapes, and he was among the first artists to portray peasant labourers, especially women who worked tirelessly on their farms right across the French countryside. The Woman with a Rake located at Saint Remy de Province, France, is one of Millet's paintings that made him famous due to its ability to explain the sufferings of the peasants and labourers.

In this particular paint, Millet uses depressed, gloomy, miserable, unhappy, distressing, stimulating, thought-provoking, and dull moods. The light used to paint this art is natural, harsh, intense, gloomy, and intense to show the distinction between plenty and poverty in peasant families. In this particular painting, Millet uses an invented, figurative, and landscape .this paint is dominated by a peasant woman with a hidden face suggesting anonymity, thus representing all poor peasant families if France. Jean Millet uses a combination of realism, expressionism and surrealism in order to display the hardships of said peasants. This artist was influenced by Honore Daumier, who was a draftsman; he also got inspiration from Alfred Sensier, who was a government bureaucrat. Millet had other famous paintings including The Gleaners, Harvesters Resting and many other paintings.